5 Tips for Fuss-Free Teleconsultation for Kids!


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Teleconsultation for Kids

Visiting the clinic with sick and cranky kids in tow is no joke. With teleconsultation, “seeing” the doctor can be fuss-free for parents and children alike!

Since May this year, we’ve opened up teleconsultation for anyone aged 2 and above in the spirit of accessible and convenient healthcare. That means no more hustling to the clinic with your sick child and waiting in line to see a doctor. Instead, video-consult a doctor using your phone in the comfort of your own home and get your medication delivered to you under 3 hours. Yes, there is no need to step out of the house at all!
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New to teleconsultation for kids? Here are some tips to ensure a pleasant teleconsultation experience via Doctor World:

Tips for Kids Teleconsultation

1. Individual Accounts

Sharing is caring but not in this case. Be sure to create separate accounts for you and your little one(s). Each account is non-transferable since it contains your personal details and medical information.

Don’t worry – creating an account using your email address takes just 1 minute!

Pro-tip: Don’t have an email address for your toddler? Peg on to your existing email account by using “+”. Example: If your primary email address is parent@email.com, you can create a tag such as parent+child@email.com. That way, your primary email address (parent@email.com) will still receive all emails sent to both accounts.

2. Handy Medical Devices

While not compulsory, it is useful to have the following medical devices ready before your teleconsultation:

• Digital Thermometer – to take body temperature

• Weighing Scale – to weigh your child

• Measuring Tape – to measure the height of your child

• Flashlight – to illuminate parts of the body

3. Medical Reports

While not compulsory, it is useful to have on standby any medical reports, notes, or documents relevant to your child’s conditions.

4. Accompanying Parent/Guardian

If your child is below the age of 16, a parent or guardian (aged 21 and above) must be present with the child throughout the teleconsultation.

5. Doctor’s Discretion

Should your child’s condition be unsuitable for teleconsultation, the doctor will inform you accordingly and advise you to seek appropriate care in-person. No charges are involved if teleconsultation barely happened in such cases.

Got further questions? Don’t hesitate to drop us a note at contact@doctorworld.co, or send us a message on our social media accounts (Facebook or Instagram).

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