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Launch of Teleconsulting App

Telehealth company, Doctor World, has launched a health and wellness platform for users to access all their healthcare needs at their fingertips.

The platform offers patients a comprehensive suite of healthcare services including round-the-clock outpatient care via its teleconsultation and home care features. Patients can also book medical appointments, manage health records, purchase health products and services, and get updates on the latest health issues through the platform.

“Advancements in digital technologies have been transforming the way we live. Therefore, it is crucial that healthcare innovates to respond to changing needs,” said Calvin Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Doctor World. “Today, we need to be more than just another teleconsultation provider. Our mission is to provide an integrated healthcare platform that promotes health and wellness empowered by technology.”

“Through the platform, we want to improve 24/7 access and affordability of healthcare services so that patients can receive timely care without paying a premium for it,” said Dr Ryan Thian, Clinical Director of Doctor World.

Doctor World aims to enhance the personalisation of patient care through the provision of content tailored to users’ health topics of interest. Using the “Health Advisor” feature, users receive and are alerted via push notifications of curated health information including articles, advisories, tips and videos. Users who are travelling overseas can search for relevant vaccinations by country, and purchase these vaccinations straight from the platform.

The platform lets users store and track their personal health records all in one place. This feature enables users to upload and save all medical-related information such as clinic visits, laboratory reports and health statistics in a central repository for easy access. By next month, the platform will allow users to set medicine reminders, and track their health readings over time for better monitoring of their conditions.

Another key feature of the platform is 24-hour teleconsultation. Patients can video-consult with Singapore-licensed doctors any time on non-emergency medical conditions, and have their prescribed medication delivered directly to them under 2 hours. Any medical certificate or referral letter will be electronically sent to patients after the consultation. Appointments with referred doctors are automatically scheduled in the platform. The entire experience is seamless, cashless and paperless. Teleconsultation not only helps patients save time on travelling to clinics and waiting in line to see a doctor, but its consultation fees are also generally cheaper compared to in-clinic consultations.

“Teleconsultation is suitable for treating minor ailments that are non-emergency in nature. I am also using this technology to conduct reviews of health screenings and tests,” said Dr Melvyn Wong, a senior family physician who is using the platform to conduct teleconsultation with patients.

He added, “Teleconsultation complements physical consultations in the clinic and is not meant to replace it. If in doubt, I will always advise the patient to go for an in-clinic consultation.”

To ensure that safety and quality of care are not compromised, Doctor World partners with established and licensed healthcare providers in Singapore. Raffles Medical Group, a leading integrated private healthcare group in Asia, is one such partner who is in collaboration with Doctor World to jointly develop digital solutions for the seamless delivery of healthcare services to its 2.2 million patients in Singapore.

Through the strategic partnership with Doctor World, Raffles Medical Group now offers telehealth services at the corporate healthcare level. This means that more than 6800 corporate clients of Raffles Medical Group can enjoy all the platform services as part of their customised corporate healthcare programmes for employees.

Going forward, Doctor World will continue innovating and developing new features that add value to its users. Leveraging artificial intelligence and integration with wearable technology, the company will be developing a symptom checker, healthcare cost calculator and pharmacist chat consultation feature, among other initiatives.

“Doctor World is committed to building up a holistic healthcare ecosystem for both patients and providers. That is why we have to continue developing our platform, introducing new services and engaging more partners,” said Mr Chan.

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