Latest App Feature: Symptom Checker

What do you do when you have a “weird” skin rash, sore lower back, or throbbing pain on the left side of your head? First, google for answers! We know; we are patients too. Search results often yield multiple possibilities ranging from a mild muscle strain to kidney failure!! The trouble is: search results provide an unfiltered list of answers that confuses more than clarifies. Worse still, that gives you unnecessary anxiety surrounding your “unknown” medical condition.

Introducing our new “Symptom Checker” – a free app feature which aims to provide a sound analysis of your medical conditions. How does it work?

The feature comprises a detailed dynamic questionnaire that shortlists and narrows down the possible causes of what’s plaguing you. As you answer each question, our symptom checker will prompt follow-up questions until it has sufficient information to provide a suitable diagnosis including the% probability of accuracy.

That said, generated results from a symptom checker should never substitute the professional medical advice of a qualified doctor. For greater peace of mind, and getting to the heart of the medical issue, always see a doctor either through our app’s 24/7 teleconsultation service (which is pocket-friendly and a big time-saver) or check yourself in a clinic for a physical examination.

Don’t wait, download the app today! The Doctor World app is available on the App Store and Google Play.