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We have launched our health store in the Doctor World mobile app this month! What this means is that you can now conveniently purchase health screening and vaccination packages from the platform. What’s more – enjoy 5% savings when you use the code, DW5 upon payment. And yes, payment is cashless (via your credit/debit card).

Health screening and vaccinations are more important than you think.

Early detection saves lives. That is why regular health screenings are vital to your wellbeing. Health screenings comprise different tests (eg. blood tests, urine and stool tests, radiological investigations, etc) that can suss out health issues and diseases early. Just because you look and feel well doesn’t mean that you are in perfect health. So don’t procrastinate – get your annual health assessment done!

What about vaccinations? Are they really necessary for us? Well, there is timeless wisdom in the old adage, “prevention is better than cure”. Vaccinations prevent the spread of contagious (and sometimes even deadly) diseases.

While vaccinations are important for the vulnerable (eg. infants, children, elderly, etc), an average healthy adult should be vaccinated too. If you are travelling to another country especially in regions that are at risk of certain diseases (eg. rubella, malaria, etc), it is prudent to get vaccinated. Even at home in Singapore, we have flu seasons (typically in April and July) and the flu can be quite potent. Unlike a common cold, the flu virus can “knock you out” for days and even weeks. Therefore, it may be wise to get a flu vaccination so that you can prevent contracting the virus, and minimize its spread to your social circles as well.

Be sure to check out our partners’ promotions too!

That’s right – we do have several reputable partners offering supplements at attractive prices. Check out our Health Store in the app to see what special seasonal deals iHerb, Vitamin Mall and Raffles Health offer. Our partners offer free delivery for online purchase with minimum spending.

Download the Doctor World mobile application to access a whole suite of services including our latest health store. We’ve got your healthcare needs covered with our 24/7 teleconsultation service, home care services, symptom checker, health advisor and more!
Download the app now.

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