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It’s Monday. You just got ready to leave the house for work when you hear coughing coming from your child’s bedroom. You instantly regret ordering the bucket of fried chicken and french fries last night. You call in to work to request for a half-day childcare leave and start hustling to leave the house and get to the clinic. When you reach the clinic, you find it packed with patients and brace yourself for an hour’s long wait…all the while with a cranky child in tow.

Sounds familiar? It certainly does to the working mums in our Doctor World team! Wish there was a better way to get prompt medical attention for your child without the drama and waiting?

Good news for parents! Doctor World has extended our teleconsultation services to patients aged 2 and above! This means you can now video call a Singapore-licensed GP with your child regarding your little one’s non-emergency conditions such as cough, cold, sore throat, and more.
The convenience does not stop there. After the teleconsultation, we will arrange for delivery of medication and MC (where applicable) to your doorstep within 3 hours. And mind you, this teleconsultation service is available 24/7!

So how does teleconsulting work for children and adolescents?

Dr. Ryan Thian, a senior family physician explains, “Common acute conditions (such as cough, cold, and sore throat) affecting adults and children are generally quite similar, for which we are able to diagnose through teleconsult. The main difference is that for younger children, medication dosage is determined by the weight of the child. So it is advisable to have a set of weighing scales available to facilitate the session”.

He adds, “While we strive to bring convenience to parents, should the doctor feel that your child’s condition is unsuitable for teleconsultation, our doctor will inform you accordingly and advise you to seek the appropriate care before ending the teleconsult session. As doctors, our duty first and foremost is to ensure we can provide the care required, if it is not possible, we will redirect to other safe avenues.”

In addition, for teleconsult patients below 16 years old, they need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian (at least 21 years old) throughout the session. This helps ensure that the patient has acquired parental consent and also understands the diagnosis and medication usage.
Finally, a protip for parents who want to teleconsult – have this equipment ready (if possible) to facilitate your child’s teleconsultation session:

• Digital Thermometer

• Weighing Scale (or keep tabs on your child’s latest weight)

• Measuring Tape (or keep tabs on your child’s latest height)

• Medical Reports of Child (where appropriate)

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