Doctor World ramps up on innovation to combat a global pandemic


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• Doctor World offers users convenient and round-the-clock healthcare solutions while minimising face-to-face interaction
• Doctor World launches a suite of new features to be a reliable health companion to Singaporeans amid the COVID-19 pandemic
• New features include a live text chat service with medical professionals, an eQueue system, and a body temperature record function

SINGAPORE, April 10, 2020 – Integrated telehealth platform, Doctor World is ramping up on its digital infrastructure to continue providing Singaporeans with relevant, accessible and affordable healthcare amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The digital platform, which is currently partnered with over 200 healthcare providers including Raffles Medical Group, has been providing 24/7 teleconsultation since January last year. The service allows users to consult with Singapore-licensed doctors via video call, have their medicine delivered to them under 3 hours, and receive digital copies of their medical certificate all from the comfort of their own homes.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the existing online services offered by Doctor World help mitigate the risk of viral transmission by minimising the amount of face-to-face interactions. However, Doctor World continues to elevate its platform offerings through innovation to bring Singaporeans safer and better outpatient care experience.

Chat with Real Medical Professionals on COVID-19 Matters

Addressing the urgent need to clarify medical questions pertaining to COVID-19 quickly and accurately, Doctor World has launched their own live text chat service that enables users to connect with healthcare professionals from a breadth of medical disciplines in real time and at no cost.

Users can chat with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialists, pharmacists and general practitioners (GPs) on matters relating to COVID-19.

This team of healthcare experts has volunteered their time to participate in the live chat function, allowing patients to use the service at no cost. “I am busier than ever this period, but I believe we should and must do our part in any way we can. I have signed up for this initiative to help bring some peace of mind to Singaporeans amid the misinformation and anxiety the society’s experiencing,” explained Dr Ryan Thian, a senior family physician who is part of Doctor World’s panel of healthcare providers.

Users should note that the text chat service does not constitute a medical consultation. It is not for the purpose of diagnosing illness and prescribing medication. Instead, it serves as a communication channel for users seeking quick answers to medical matters from real experts (as opposed to chatbots).

Should the need for a GP consultation arises, users can seamlessly opt for a teleconsultation, or take an eQueue number to visit a nearby clinic via the same platform.

Get an e-Queue Number, Minimise Contact

In addition to the live chat service, Doctor World introduced its free eQueue service earlier this year, allowing users to get queue numbers for their GP visits remotely. An estimated waiting time at each listed clinic is available in real time for patients to make an informed decision and better manage their time. Besides creating a more personalised and intuitive experience for patients, this innovation reduces physical waiting in clinics and the exposure to other patients there.

Partnered with over 50 clinics islandwide, Doctor World’s eQueue service is set to onboard 100 more clinics by June. Since its soft launch earlier this year, the platform has seen over 10,000 patients leveraging the eQueue service to see a doctor.

Monitor Body Temperature Daily

With daily temperature-taking fast becoming the norm for individuals and companies alike, Doctor World has introduced a feature for users to record and monitor their temperature readings. If the recorded temperature is above 37.5⁰C, users will be alerted to seek immediate medical attention either via teleconsultation or physical consultation. Users can also set up to 3 daily reminders for temperature-taking. Companies can make use of this service to cut out the administrative hassle of temperature-tracking of their employees.  

Using Innovation to Combat a Global Crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic exerting an increasing strain on Singapore’s healthcare system, Doctor World strives to constantly innovate and offer improved virtual healthcare solutions to support our nation’s fight against the outbreak.

“The coronavirus pandemic has caught the entire world off guard,” says Doctor World’s General Manager, Lim Wee Ling. “We need to rethink how we deliver healthcare. It has got to be safer, smarter and more accessible for patients. We are committed to harnessing the power of technology to improve upon the holistic healthcare ecosystem we have set out to build. Patients matter and we want to be a dependable health companion for them.”

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About Doctor World

Doctor World is a homegrown telehealth company founded to make healthcare convenient, accessible and affordable through technology. As an integrated healthcare digital platform, users can connect with a trusted network of medical providers and services via the Doctor World mobile app. Users can access Singapore-licensed doctors on demand via 24/7 teleconsultation, and get medication delivered to their doorsteps under 3 hours. Consultation reports, health records and medical history are stored in-app for fuss-free access. Users can also access a full suite of other healthcare services including a personal digital queue system for their clinic visits, an appointment-booking system with preferred specialists, a health store, home care services, and more – all in the palm of their hands.

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