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Don't forget your travel vaccinations

Who doesn’t love travelling? We get to take a breather from our usual routines, explore new places, understand different cultures, and meet people from all walks of life. And being Singaporean means we own one of the world’s best passports (i.e. the ability to travel visa-free to 166 countries according to Passport Index.

But just how prepared are we when it comes to travelling? The prudent (read kiasu) traveller in us tends to purchase travel insurance to safeguard ourselves from risks like flight cancellations, loss of luggage, etc. Yet do we do anything to protect our health?

With the Doctor World app, you can now find out more about Travel Health (go to Health Advisor > Travel Health).

Accessing Travel Health

How Can Doctor World Ease Your Travel Woes?

  1. Stay updated with the latest travel advisories.

Measles outbreak in Hong Kong. Zika outbreak in India. What’s next? We keep you posted on the latest outbreak situations around the world so that can make better decisions when planning your trips.

Checking Travel Advisories

  1. Find out what travel vaccinations are recommended for different countries of visit.

Traveling to Cambodia soon? Using the app, you can search for the right vaccinations recommended for your country of visit.

Checking Vaccinations Required
Falling sick during a trip is an absolute bummer so don’t ignore the importance of vaccinations. Besides keeping you healthy during your travel, vaccinations can also prevent the spread of infectious diseases to your family and community when you return from your overseas trip.

  1. Teleconsult a doctor and purchase your travel vaccines with Doctor World

Want to get vaccinated? Always consult a doctor for medical advice regarding specific travel vaccine(s) required, and do so at least 4 weeks prior to your trip. If you are too busy to see a doctor in the clinic, you can teleconsult with one at your convenience! Besides getting advice on vaccination, you can also consult the doctor on travel medication.

Once you’ve gotten your travel advice, you can book your vaccination service directly from Doctor World via our Health Store. (Protip: Use code, DW5 on all health store purchases).

Health Store Purchase

The Raffles Connect app is available on App Store and Play Store.

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